Better performance, more comfort, improved safety, new design and groundbreaking concepts

The world doesn’t stand still, and neither does Ebretti. In order to retain our leading position, we are constantly innovating in order to realise even better performance, even more comfort, even more safety, new designs and cutting-edge concepts.


Ebretti works together with strategic partners to develop optimal controller and battery technology. With this controller technology, we are able to equip our scooters with accelerator handles that reduce the power consumption and provide a longer battery life. The results of our smart battery technology include battery variants for incidental users as well as daily drivers: the Absorbed Glass Mat battery and the LiFePO4 battery. We are also absolutely honest about our scooters' real-world performance and life span. See the action radius table for more information.


Every day, Ebretti works to increase the ride comfort under all weather conditions. For example, Ebretti and Mioti have cooperated to develop a stylish and high-quality apron. This leg protector has become a fashionable accessory to help riders stay warm and dry in cities such as Milan, Barcelona and Paris. For more information, see ‘Accessories’.


We have developed the Ebretti Original Sound for scooter riders who want to draw more attention to their whisper-quiet Ebretti while riding in traffic. This accessory gives each Ebretti a customisable pleasant sound signal to alert other road users to its presence. Currently, Ebretti is also studying safe ergonomic solutions for using smart phones to navigate while riding. For more information, see ‘Accessories’.


Ebretti is always on the cutting edge of design. Both scooter models have their own distinct look, and can be customised and personalised with a selection of unique colours and saddles and a variety of accessories. Our development team is also working on positioning a new model between the Ebretti 318 and 518 that will be equipped with the latest technologies and conveniences. We expect to launch the new addition to the Ebretti model line, with its own unique design, in 2013.


Ebretti wants to continue to offer each rider the best battery technology available in the future. We have therefore launched a pilot project in which customers purchase an Ebretti scooter and lease the Ebretti LiFePO4 battery. In addition, we will soon launch a pilot project for the business market as well, in which companies can lease Ebrettis for a monthly payment, with periodic corrections for the actual kilometres ridden.

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