The stylish and comfortable Ebretti


Exuberant and elegant

The elegant Ebretti 518 rides like it looks: exuberant and comfortable. Whether alone or with a passenger, with or without baggage. With a selection of 18 unique colours and 12 different saddles, you can easily make it your own personal Ebretti. The Ebretti 518 can also be upgraded with the innovative and efficient LiFePO4 battery pack for the longest range and the best (and most consistent) performance.

18 Colours


12 saddle fabrics

The personal touch

Create your own Ebretti 518 from a wide selection of colours, saddles and accessories!



whisper quiet

Your Ebretti 518 is electric and therefore almost silent. In order to help you move safely through traffic, Ebretti offers the Original Sound accessory. Read more

Ebretti Original Sound allows you to warn others of your approach in a pleasant, friendly manner. The accessory is available at your dealer with a pre-programmed sound, but of course you can also select a more personal sound to customise your Ebretti.



You can charge your Ebretti at any ordinary power outlet. Charging is a very simple process. The charging time depends on the type of charger and battery size and can vary from 2 to 8 hours. Read more… Read more

Ebretti offers two types of chargers. The standard charger is suitable for both Absorbed Glass Mat and LiFePO4 batteries. The quick charger can be used on the LiFePO4 battery. Your 518 will need the following charging periods to fill the battery:

Standard charger:

33 Ah Absorbed Glass Mat battery: 6-7 hours

32 Ah LiFePO4 battery: 6-7 hours

48 Ah LiFePO4 battery: 7-8 hours

Quick charger:

32 Ah LiFePO4 battery: 3-3.5 hours

48 Ah LiFePO4 battery: 3.5-4 hours


particulates and CO2 emission

The Ebretti has no direct CO2 –and extreme low fine particulates- emissions. This makes it healthy for you and for your surroundings. The CO2 emissions from ‘well to wheel’ are more than three times lower than an ordinary scooter.< Read more

CO2 & Fine Particulates: “Without a doubt, we can conclude that the local emissions of an electric scooter are very low. The emission of fine particulates is limited to the wear of the tyres, while the emission of fine particulates in scooters with an internal combustion motor - especially a two-stroke motor - can result in significant local emissions.” (TNO, IRAS).

LCA (Life Cycle Analysis): “The life cycle analysis of a scooter is determined by calculating the production chain prior to the manufacture and use of the scooter. The most important difference between the LCA of an electric and a conventional scooter is the electric scooter’s significantly lower emissions and the use of batteries. These batteries require relatively rare metals such as lead, nickel or cadmium. It is therefore vital that these metals be recycled at the end of the life cycle.” (TNO)

The Ebretti Absorbed Glass Mat battery technology utilises lead and nickel, which can be recycled. The LifePO4 does not, but this is compensated in part by the fact that the battery has a significantly longer life span. Besides, the main material used, lithium, is less rare and less damaging to the environment than lead or nickel.



The Ebretti 518 is available in 16mph and 28 mph variants. Read more

The 16 mph variant is normally used on bicycle paths in urban areas. It also offers the widest action radius. The 28 mph variant is not only faster, it also accelerates faster and the action radius is therefore a bit smaller.



The 518 is the largest Ebretti scooter. Its extremely low centre of gravity and its excellent suspension makes the 518 a very comfortable ride. The 518 offers plenty of leg room and comfortably seats two people. Reand more... Read more

The baggage rack can hold anything you want to take with you.


innovative battery technology

Ebretti offers the choice of two battery types for the 518: the affordable Absorbed Glass Mat technology and the high-performance LiFePO4 technology. This means you can choose the battery that best suits your needs and driving style. Read more

Absorbed Glass Mat technology offers a relatively wide action radius for low costs. However, these batteries have shorter life spans, are somewhat more sensitive to lower temperatures and their performance gradually decreases over time. Ebretti guarantees that these batteries will maintain at least 80% of their original capacity after one year. An Ebretti with an Absorbed Glass Mat battery will not suddenly stop running, but it will run slower as the battery runs down. Ebretti’s partnership with a Dutch supplier means that you can always be sure that your scooter has the best-quality Absorbed Glass Mat battery available.

LiFePO4 technology is a recent breakthrough in lithium battery technology. Its advantages are a larger capacity with consistently good performance in cold weather or heavy use. Your scooter will still provide excellent performance even with a half-full battery. Ebretti has chosen the LiFePO4 technology specifically because of its safety and efficiency characteristics. Our close collaboration with a German supplier allows us to equip your Ebretti with the best-quality LiFePO4 batteries. See the action radius table for the various options available.

action radius

The Ebretti 518’s action radius depends on the type of battery and the speed variant.

  • EBRETTI 518 Lead-Gel 33 Ah Battery Pack

    • 25 km/u

    • 45 km/u

  • EBRETTI 518 Lithium 30 Battery Pack

    • 25 km/u

    • 45 km/u

  • EBRETTI 518 Lithium 48 Battery Pack

    • 25 km/u

    • 45 km/u

Which battery would fit your trip?

We calculate which battery is most suitable for you and your 518, just fill in required the input for the route you plan to ride as well as the particular trip conditions.

  • speed
  • traffic
  • landscape
  • weather
  • charging
  • loading
  • A 45 km/u scooter requires more of your battery, a Lithium battery is most suitable for this configuration.
  • City traffic demands more of your battery compared with a combination of city and country side traffic.
  • Hills require more of your battery, therefore a Lithium battery is most suitable for use in the hills.
  • At low temperatures the capacity of an Absorbed Glass Mat battery will be less, for this reason Lithium is more suitable during the winter.
  • Are you able to charge your battery at your destination? If this is not possible you require double the battery capacity.
  • A heavier rider requires more of your battery capacity

Motivation ‘best choice'

  • An Absorbed Glass Mat battery is cheap and a good choice for your scooter, however in case you use your scooter frequently you should consider a Lithium battery.
  • A 45 km/u scooter has preferably to be equipped with a lithium battery, because with this battery even at 50% of its capacity, riding at top speed will still be possible
  • Because you want to use your scooter in a hilly area, a Lithium battery is recommended as a Lithium battery is more suitable for intensive use.
  • Because you want use your scooter also in winter time, the choice for a Lithium battery is recommended, a Lithium battery performs very well at low temperatures as well.
  • We recommend to select a battery with some overcapacity as this gives you sufficient flexibility and contingency.


The actual action radius (number of kilometres) attainable with your Ebretti depends on a variety of factors: the weight of the driver, passenger and baggage, the weather conditions (such as headwind), but also tyre pressure; all of these factors affect the action radius. Whenever you let go of the accelerator, the Ebretti uses its mass and energy to regenerate electricity. The motor acts as a generator when not powering the scooter, providing electricity to charge the batteries.

technical specifications

Ebretti 518
Lead-gel 33 AH Battery Pack
Ebretti 518
Lithium 30 Battery Pack
Ebretti 518
Lithium 48 Battery Pack
length x width x height 1740 x 880 x 1130 mm
wheelbase 1220 mm
weight 120 kg 86 kg 91 kg
motor brushless hub motor
economic / dynamic mode yes
min. charging cycle 400 1000
charging time 6-7 (standard charger) 3 quick charger
6 standard
4,5 quick charger
9 standard
max. speed 25 kph (16 mph) and 45 kph (2
emissions 0 grams CO2 direct
wheel size front and rear 3.50 x 10
front brake hydraulic disk
rear brake drum parking brake
headlight 35 / 35 Watt
indicator 10 Watt
rear light 21 / 5 Watt
max. loading 155
dashboard speedometer – battery charge meter - warning light


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