Answers from Ebretti on frequently asked questions

Do I have to wear in my new Ebretti scooter?No, you don’t have to wear in your new Ebretti scooter. In contrast to ordinary petrol-powered scooters, you can immediately start riding the way you feel most comfortable – nice and easy or fast and furious.

How can I get best performance from the batteries?Before you begin riding, it is best if you fully charge the batteries. It is perhaps also useful to know that your battery pack can attain the maximum capacity – and therefore the maximum range – after being fully charged and then drained five to ten times.

How often do I have to charge the batteries?As often as you want! The batteries can be recharged even if they aren’t completely empty, so you can recharge your batteries whenever it is convenient for you.

How long does it take to fully charge the batteries?That depends on how full they are. Completely empty batteries will take 4 to 6 hours to charge with a standard charger. With a quick charger for the LifePO4 battery, you can fill the battery in 2 to 3 hours.

Where can I charge the batteries?Wherever you can find a normal 240V power outlet. But use only the original Ebretti charger, and preferably don’t charge the batteries in the rain.

How big is my Ebretti’s action radius?You can easily calculate the action radius for your Ebretti on our website [interne link]. The action radius depends on the model and battery type, as well as the weight of the rider, passenger and baggage, the traffic conditions (city traffic or country touring) and your riding style (relaxed or sporty). You will soon be able to calculate your exact action radius under your normal riding conditions, but the calculator on the site is a good guideline to help get you started.

Is it true that the action radius is shorter in winter?That depends on the type of battery you choose. An Absorbed Glass Mat battery has less capacity when the outside temperature falls below 15 degrees, and can fall by up to 25% at temperatures below freezing. LiFePO4 batteries, however, are not sensitive to the outside temperature.

I don’t ride in winter, what should I do with the batteries?If you prevent the batteries from remaining empty for longer periods of time, they will last much longer. So be sure to charge your batteries at least once per month.

Help! My batteries are starting to die, but I’m not home yet!You’ll probably get home just fine. If you immediately start riding slower, press the ‘eco’ button on the Ebretti 318 and turn off the lights if possible, then you will ride as efficiently as possible and you can get more kilometres from the batteries. Try not to ride far with a completely empty battery though, because it could damage the battery. And consider an extra battery charger, so you can recharge extra kilometres at any power outlet along your route.

I am at a stoplight and suddenly my scooter won’t run anymore!This might be because every Ebretti has a safety relay that shuts off the power after 7 minutes of inactivity. In that case, shut off the ignition, wait approximately ten seconds and you should be able to ride away again.

How can I get more kilometres from my Ebretti?
Your Ebretti is most efficient when you ride slowly, press the ‘eco’ button on the Ebretti 318, turn off the lights, keep your tyre pressure at 2.5 bar for comfort or 3.0 bar for extra range, and don’t use a windscreen.

Can I make my Ebretti ride faster?
Your Ebretti has been calibrated to meet the legal norms and regulations. If you choose to tune your scooter to ride faster, then the warranty is immediately void. Plus, tuning reduces your action radius.

Can I safely wash my Ebretti?
Of course! What is more beautiful than a polished Ebretti scooter? Just don’t use a high-pressure hose, because the stream of water may damage the electronic components and the electric motor in the rear wheel or wash the lubricant out of the wheel bearings. Feel free to pamper your Ebretti with warm water and automotive shampoo. And don’t forget to polish it up with car wax (unless it has a stylish matte finish, of course).

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